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The 10 Scariest Figures of All Time

Oct. 21st 2015

Halloween is here, and I can't imagine a better holiday in the action figure world. Thousands of horror figures have been produced throughout the years, and there's nothing quite like an ultra-detailed, masterfully-painted, and gruesomely-designed scary figure. That's why I've assembled the following list of the 10 scariest action figures of all time.

Top Tips for Storing Your Figures

Oct. 15th 2015

If you're having trouble finding room to hold your figures, you might need some tips on storing them safely and efficiently. You're in luck, because here's a collection of some of my best advice when it comes to finding and maintaining storage for your collection. 

The 25 Worst Power Rangers Bootleg Figures

Sept. 20th 2015

Power Rangers haves been an action figure staple for more than 20 years in toy aisles around the world. Unfortunately bootleggers have been making knock-off versions of the beloved figures for just as long, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unbearably bad figures making their way into the hands of unsuspecting victims.

The 10 Most Wanted S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 Villains

Aug. 27th 2015

The early seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers featured some of the craziest and most memorable monster designs on TV. With the new take on the Rangers in the S.H. Figuarts line, one can only wonder which villains would best fit in the incredible action figure lineup.  

Find Out What Your Collection Is Worth

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Aug. 15th 2015

Action figure collections are not only loads of fun, but they're also an investment in both time and money. Because they're such big investments, it's important to keep track of them and know exactly what they're worth. That's why a DASH collection report is perfect for any serious collector. 

Top 20 DC Universe Classics Figures

July 14th 2015

Mattel's DC Universe Classics line was a very big deal. Over the course of 20 waves and numerous exclusives, it introduced hundreds of characters and became an obsession of sorts for collectors like me. A "Top 10" article wouldn't do this line justice, so I've decided to identify the 20 best figures in the line's history. 

The 10 Most Wanted Smite Figures

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May 20th 2015

Much like League of Legends and DOTA2 before it, Smite is a video game that's capturing the attention of a colossal number of gamers. Its characters are based on iconic gods from history, which provide players with instantly recognizable yet surprisingly compelling designs, perfect for the plastic world of action figures.

The 25 Worst Superhero Bootleg Figures

May 3rd 2015

Superhero action figures have been a hit in the toy aisles for decades, and villains around the world have been producing knock off bootleg versions since the beginning. I've gathered 25 of the most heroically terrible bootlegs the world has ever seen. 

Inside Look at the DC Collectibles Clayface Production Process

April 12th 2015

There's nothing collectors like more than a detailed, intricate, and visually engaging sculpt. But so few of us understand the process behind beautiful sculpts. This inside look into the creation of DC Collectibles' Arkham City Clayface figure will change that. 

Knock It Off: Batman and C-3PO Get Bootlegged

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March 16th 2015

It's been a little while since we've taken a stroll down the lonely and dangerous streets of bootleg town. Cataloging the world of bootleg action figures takes its toll on a man, but I've returned with renewed vigor to bring you five more unbelievably abysmal toys.

The 10 Most Wanted League of Legends Figures

March 12th 2015

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world, and its varied fantasy-style champion characters would make spectacular action figures, but so far no one has produced any for adult collectors. 

Knock It Off: The Amazing Bootleg-Man

Feb. 24th 2015

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved and adored superheroes the world has to offer, but these radioactive bootleg figures take the classic character from amazing to awful.

Knock It Off: To Kill a Bootleg

Feb. 3rd 2015

It's hard to look away when faced with the horrors of this world, and I guess that's why I'm already back with another look at some of the most horrific chunks of plastic this world has ever produced.

Top 10 "Action Figure Christmas" Stories

Dec. 25th 2014

We recently asked you to share your favorite "action figure Christmas" memory, and the results were incredible. We had dozens of heartwarming or hilarious tales, and 10 special stories really stood out. 

Hot Toys Improves Star Lord Head Sculpt

Oct. 16th 2014

Hot Toys makes the very best toys the world has to offer, and part of the reason their figures are so impressive is because they're always working to improve with every iteration. The Guardians of the Galazy Star Lord is a perfect example, because Hot Toys decided he wasn't good enough and sought out to make him even better. 

Brian's Toys Has Free Shipping on FX Lightsabers

Oct. 10th 2014

Brian's Toys has stopped by with another great offer on cool new Star Wars figures and accessories. Check out the full details to save a ton and have some fun! 

Hot Toys Chewbacca Debuted

Sept. 25th 2014

Chewbacca is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, but it's often hard to get him right when translated to plastic. He always just looks a little off because it's so hard to get plastic hair to look perfect, and Chewbacca is all hair. But Hot Toys is about to change our Chewbacca expectations forever with the most beautiful rendition of the character ever. 

Hot Toys Reveals Star Wars Han Solo

Sept. 23rd 2014

Star Wars is the most popular and most important license in the action figure industry. Kenner and Hasbro have handled the license wonderfully throughout the years, but now Hot Toys has gotten their hands on it and are producing some of the coolest figures ever made. Here's a closer look at one such newly-revealed figure: Han Solo. 

S.H. Monsterarts Mecha King Ghidorah Revealed

Aug. 15th 2014

The S.H. Monsterarts line has been producing the best Godzilla figures there have ever been, and another iconic monster is being added to its ranks in March of 2015. Meet Mecha King Ghidorah, another unbelievably cool S.H. Monsterarts figure. 

Review of Ninja Turtles The Shredder

Aug. 5th 2014

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles absolutely huge right now, taking over toy aisles and TV screens everywhere. With the cartoon putting out awesome episodes and the new movie landing in theaters, it's a wonderful time to be a Turtles fan. Playmates Toys is producing some great figures to go with all this hype, including the new Ninja Turtles Shredder, which is only acceptable villain for the new film and a decent toy to boot.