The Ultimate Action Figure Price Guide

Feb. 19th 2013

The traditional action figure values guide is dead. There simply isn't a good paper-based handbook for action figure prices these days, and that's left a lot of collectors looking for a consistently updated and accurate authority on action figure values.

Where have all the price guides gone? 

Whether you're looking to buy a vintage figure for a fair price at a local store, or want to sell your own collection piece by piece for its true value, a reliable price guide is a mandatory accessory for you. But as you look around for your accessory of choice, you quickly realize the days of the ToyFare Price Guide are gone, and unfortunately you can't flip through an old issue expecting to find a trustworthy price in the current market. 

You might be one of the many collectors who rely on closed sales or auctions on sites like ebay to determine specific action figure values, but that takes lots of work and loads of calculation each and every time you need a number. And that's a process which is practically impossible to replicate on the move or on the floor of a show, leaving you without a solution in your biggest time of need. Tracking past sales as a method for values seriously falters when it comes to efficiency and convenience.Even the paper price guides that might still be printed from time to time suffer from an unbearably long turnaround between assessment and publication, meaning they miss out out on the latest trends and variations in the volatile world of action figure values.

A new hope has arrived

So a lot of collectors think there just isn't an ideal solution. But here you are, reading an article on DASH Action Figures, which just so happens to be the home of the world's single biggest action figure price guide! It's regularly updated, covers tens of thousands of figures, and can be carried in your pocket thanks to our mobile-friendly site! It solves all your problems in a convenient and efficient package without any of the headaches.

The DASH Action Figures Price Guide works with an online system that's easy to navigate by line or simply search by name. Once you've found a figure's listing, the values and associated information will be included, along with any photos or descriptions other users have contributed. It's a simple, easy, and absurdly convenient modern day equivalent of the paper-based values guide.  

It might sound too good to be true, but seeing is believing. So let's take a look at a sample page from our digital price guide. What could be better for an example than a vintage Boba Fett figure now selling upwards of $900 in the package?

As you can see, all the information you need to buy, sell, or trade the figure is present. You can take a look at the photo to make sure it's the right one, and you can even see what other collectors have rated the figure before making any important decisions. 

The best part is, you can access this price guide from any computer in the world as long as it's connected to the internet. Once you have a DASH Action Figures account an purhcase access to the price guide, you'll have unlimited access from anywhere. That includes access to the guide on your mobile device thanks to our mobile-friendly site.

If you're looking for the ultimate solution to one of modern day collecting's biggest problems, look no further than the DASH Action Figures digital price guide. And don't worry, if you're not happy, no-questions-asked refunds are guaranteed in the first 30 days! 

DASH Action Figures Price Guide

  • 200,000+ values for 50,000+ figures
  • Regularly updated with real sales data and expert values
  • Includes photos, details, UPCs, and more

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