Club Upgrade Benefits

Access to World’s Largest Online Values Guide

DASH maintains a handy, integrated values guide with estimated value ranges for more than 50,000 action figures.  Most items have values for both a C-7 grade packaged figure, as well as for a good condition loose figure with all accessories. Community members help us keep the guide as accurate and updated as possible by sending us comments about value ranges our experts have assigned. The independent, expert determination is based on an evaluation of multiple factors, including actual selling histories in multiple channels.

Because the values guide is integrated into DASH, Club members get convenient values guidance on the web site and mobile phone. Additionally, these value ranges are applied to your collection in assessing an estimated value for your entire collection.

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Be sure to register as a free user (and log in) before upgrading! 


Sync, Scan, Value, Photo, and Edit Your Collection from Your Mobile Phone

As a Collector’s Club member, you can sync your collection to your phone. See what you have and want right on your phone. Plus, for each of your figures, you can tap the camera icon, snap pictures and effortlessly upload photos of your figures to DASH. Photos show up in your My Collection (as well as Marketplace, if you are selling the figure.)

You can also add figures to your collection or wanted list directly from your phone. Search for a figure (name or UPC), and you can also check its packaged and loose value estimate from your phone. Great when you are standing at a garage sale considering if you could get a good deal!


A Comprehensive Report of Your Collection

You have hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in your collection. Collector’s Club members can print a report anytime that summarizes important information about every figure and series you collect.

Track the overall estimated value of your entire collection. (Essential to get the best deal on insuring your collection!) See how many other collectors want your figures. Get a feel for how heavily collected your items are relative to their incidence in other DASH members' collections.


Trading with Other Club Members

Trading with other collectors is an awesome way to get the stuff you want and make sure your beloved “extras” go to a home that shares your passion for the hobby. The crucial parts of a good trading experience are knowing what another collector has, wants, and is willing to trade. The Collection Showcase is a great way to share that! As DASH users mark items they have as "Willing to Trade", they will show up appropriately in your Wanted List.  From there, you can click Propose Trade after figuring out a trade that makes sense.

Another benefit to trading with DASH is that there is a user feedback and an internal messaging system that helps ensure good communications and behavior by trading partners.


Keep Track of What You Have and Want

Action figure fans are super enthusiastic about getting new items, but the thought of keeping track of what they have seems like simply no fun. As it turns out, with DASH, it's so simple and fast, building your collection is actually pretty fun. Today, there are already almost 1,000,000 action figures in people's collections on DASH!

Find what you have and click "Add to Collection" or "Add to Wanted" - that's it!  You have now made it super simple to:

*  Share your collection (that's really handy around the holidays...hint, hint!)
*  Sell an item or two (listing is literally a price and checkbox away)
*  Valuing your collection (Club members get a full printout)
*  Find "smart" trading partners (you can see what people are willing to consider trading for)


Collector Showcase - All About You as a Collector

Sure we love action figures, but we also enjoy interacting with other fans of plastic! Your DASH Collection Showcase is about more than just your collection - it's about you. Tell your story to help people understand what drives you as a collector. Upload photos of how you display your collection. Show pictures of you at Comic-Con or your last Halloween costume. Give other collectors a video tour of your "trophy room" or do video reviews of your favorite figures or your best diorama. The built-in connections via social networks make it easy for you to go viral. DASH Collector's Club members get priority visibility for their Showcase.

Of course, every collector can choose not to have a public showcase at all. In addition, if there are a few items that you have that you'd like to keep private, you can simply click the "Private" option for those items and they won't be in your Showcase.


Buy and Sell to other Collectors

With a great and growing community of action figure fans on DASH, the Marketplace is a great way to buy and sell between people that have the same interests as you. Every transaction is protected by PayPal, and both buyers and sellers can leave feedback for each other. All communications between parties is secure and private.

The buying experience is great since the Marketplace is organized using the same community-maintained expert taxonomy in the Catalog. And, because your Wanted List is tied to specific Catalog DASH IDs, when a new listing like one you want is posted or reduced in price, you can get alerted to check it out.

Finally, when you buy in the DASH Marketplace, it is automatically added to your collection, recording your date and cost of acquisition. If the figure has individual photos, these too get added to your collection. Likewise, as a seller, when you sell, the item is automatically removed from your collection. Smart!