About Collector-ActionFigures

About DASH (that's our nickname)

DASH is the world’s best resource for action figure lovers. We provide an integrated experience for collectors’ needs. We connect buyers and sellers. We help collectors learn. Our platform delivers information and technology to make collecting more fun, efficient and affordable.

DASH is a community that celebrates the fun of action figures and collecting. We actively seek to strengthen the hobby, connecting enthusiasts with characters, stories and memories enriching their lives.

The DASH Story

DASH was conceived by Bill Jones and first launched with several co-founders in late 2009. With an ambitious functionality plan, its core platform was completed in early 2010. In its most recent user satisfaction survey, 60% of DASH users say they are “extremely likely” to recommend DASH to their friends. Thousands of collectors manage more than 100,000 of their own action figures on DASH to date.

We make our money by hosting the Marketplace, and we charge our sellers fees when they sell items. While most of the core collecting functionality on the site is free, we also offer a set of premium features for collectors. Finally, we sell advertising space on our site.

If you like our mission and how we’re delivering for you, please support us. Buy your action figures from our Marketplace. Upgrade to use our premium features. Tell your friends about us. We really appreciate your support.

About the DASH Platform

DASH provides an integrated software platform for collectors. Its core features are:

A wiki-enabled “Catalog” - The Catalog is the best structured, comprehensive resource for action figure collectors. It consolidates the ambiguity of figure naming and identification, helps collectors learn, share and grow their interest in the hobby, and serves as a living foundation for making collection management and selling easier.

Simple collection management - Because it is based on the Catalog, DASH’s collection management is a simple matter of finding their items and clicking “I’ve Got It” or “I Want It”. When a collector buys an item, it is automatically added to his collection.

Structured and active Marketplace - With a common platform to identify all items for sale, sellers save time in researching their items for sale, and buyers appreciate the inherent specificity of the listings. Items are found not only through blind searches, but instead also through a familiar structure tailored for action figures. Wanted Items are flagged and provide alerts when new items are listed for sale or reduced in price.

Anytime, anywhere access - As a web-based solution, DASH is accessible from any browser. Additionally, DASH has action figure collecting applications for the iPhone and Android (coming soon) mobile platforms.

Community features - DASH strives to bring collectors together. Collecting is often a social activity, and DASH helps collectors share. Send a figure to someone. Post to your social network. Rate a figure. Learn about other great community web sites.

For the Press

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