About the Community Section

We have great plans for this section. Later, we will introduce a forum for our members to exchange thoughts, news, advice and opinions about action figures and about DASH. There are a lot of great possibilities for the engaged DASH community, built around a common resource and marketplace, to show how action figure collecting is the coolest collecting hobby around. We have lots of ideas, but we always want to hear from you about how we can make DASH better. Please share your ideas with us via the Contact Us form.

Community Resources

Here are a number of resources collectors have found useful about DASH:

  • Frequently Asked Questions - This is the best overall resource for learning how to best use DASH.

  • DASH Item Naming Guidelines - Please read if you are editing or adding to the DASH Catalog!
  • Action Figure Values and Grading Resource - How are DASH's values determined, how they are used, how they are maintained. This document also contains a detailed definition of DASH's recommended "C-Scale" for self-grading the condition of packaged item.
  • Demo of DASH iPhone App - Search the Apple iTunes Store for "action figures" and you'll find the DASH app. It is a one-time $9.99 app. This 5-minute video will demo how the app helps extend DASH to your iPhone. Anytime, anywhere access.
  • Demo of Ways to Find Items in DASH - How to find the items you are looking for. What you can do once you have found them.
  • Demo of Managing Your Collection - The basics of setting up your collection on DASH. Tips & tricks. Covers your Collection and Wanted List.
  • Demo of Listing Items for Sale - How to set yourself up as a seller on DASH. Tips for how to maximize the effectiveness of your listings.
  • Demo of Adding and Editing in DASH's Catalog - DASH requires the contributions of the community to keep the DASH Catalog expanding and improving. The better and more consistent the information, the better of a community resource it will be.
  • Demo of Configuring your own Collection Showcase - Want to share your action figure collection with your friends and other collectors? Watch this video to see how Collectors Club members can configure their own personal collection website.

Other Cool Sites for Action Figure Collectors

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