Buying on DASH

Why buy on DASH?

It is convenient.

All items’ DASH ID unique identifier links them to the world’s most comprehensive action figure catalog. This cuts down on errors and ambiguity with listings. Plus, because you can get alerts when new Wanted Items are listed (or reduced in price), you don’t have to keep wasting time searching eBay every week.

It is affordable.

We don’t set the prices for items, of course. Our sellers do their own listings and pricing. However, we DO charge our sellers less than they are charged on other online marketplaces. So, you will often see better prices on DASH. Keep an eye on our fun 24-For-24 too. Every day, we apply a 24% discount to a random selection of items for 24 hours.

It is secure.

All money goes through PayPal over secure communications. We have a buyer and seller feedback system to help enforce “good behavior” and maintain a high level of trust. Finally, communications between buyers and sellers are anonymous through our internal messaging system.

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How buy on DASH?

Find What You Want.

You can search for sure, just like on other sites. But on DASH, you can also browse by the brand and series, making it much easier to find what you are looking for. Everyone has experienced the tedium of paging through hundreds of listings, hoping to see the specific Darth Vader you are looking for. (And maybe the seller that has the figure listed called it Anakin Skywalker! Spiderman vs. Spider-Man. Fantastic Four vs. Fantastic 4.) Finally, if you have marked your Wanted items, DASH will tell you when one is listed for sale or reduced in price.


It’s free and take about a minute or two.

Add to Cart. Checkout.

DASH calculates the shipping, including your savings with combined orders, and will invoice you. Checkout with PayPal. Our sellers will communicate the status of your order in your Account screen. You will see your new item show up in your My Collection tab, helping you keep your collection organized.