Managing Your Action Figure Collection

Why manage your collection and wanted list

Know what you have and what you want.

If you have 100 action figures, you likely have thousands of dollars invested in your toys. You collect for the fun of it, but it’s also a significant chunk of cash. By simply clicking “I’ve Got It” in DASH, you can keep track of your collection. Understand its value. Know what’s hot (and not).

Plus, by keeping track of your Wanted List too, you are less likely to buy something you don’t need. Or, you can do quick research to be sure you don’t pass up on a great deal.

It is fun.

With your collection and Wanted list recorded, it is easier to share with your fellow collectors.

Bring up your collection on any web browser, or sync to your mobile phone. Click on the Facebook and other links to share with your friends.

Even printout your Wanted List and give to your parents around your birthday or holidays!

Life gets easier.

DASH helps you compare what you have in a series, with what you need in that series.

It helps you know when figures are for sale. When you buy one, it is automatically moved into your collection, along with its pictures, cost and date of acquisition.

DASH helps you see what figures are highly rated by your peers, and which ones are wanted and collected by others.

Collecting is fun, but managing your collection doesn’t have to suck.

How to manage your collection


It’s free and take about a minute or two. We have to know who “you” are to make it “your collection” after all!

Find your figures.

Click on the Catalog tab. Either browse by Brand/Series or search to find the figures you own.

Click the “Add to My Collection” link in the “I’ve Got It” column. (Note for advanced users: if you have two of one figure, click the button twice!)

Enjoy the slight adrenaline rush, knowing that’s all there is to it.

Add details and photos.

Click on the My Collection tab. Look familiar? By clicking on the name of each figure, you can specify if yours is loose or in package. You can assign it a grade, jot down its condition and other collector-specific info. Upload photos of your own figures if you want.

If you ever want to sell a figure, you can add a price and click the For Sale button too, but that’s covered in the how to “Sell Your Stuff” section.

How to manage your wanted list


Reread the section on how to manage your collection and replace the “Add to My Collection” button with the “Add to Wanted List” button.

How that is useful.

By default, DASH enables Marketplace Alerts for your Wanted items. If a new item matching this DASH ID is listed for sale, you‘ll get a notification. If an existing listing is reduced in price, you‘ll get an alert too.

You can turn on/off alerts for specific items in your Wanted List. You can also change your default for Marketplace Alerts in your Account settings.

How that is useful, continued.

DASH uses the Wanted List to tailor itself to your interests. We also share this information (anonymously) with the toy industry to help them stay on track in making the stories and products the collecting community wants.