World's Largest Online Action Figure Price Guide

How are values on DASH estimated?

We make them up. (So does every price guide, btw.)

Well, it’s true. Estimating the real value of your action figure requires a bunch of specific information, so don’t expect our values to be exactly what you may end up selling your figure for. Read more about the factors impacting item valuation here.

They are generally correct and useful.

We assume a “pretty good” condition for both our packaged and loose figure valuations. We look at other public sources of sales information. We look at sales in the DASH Marketplace. We get feedback.

And then we estimate a representative range of values for the figure. By having an online “price guide” across all brands tied to specifically-identified items, collectors can track their collection’s value. They can see trends. Sellers can be smarter about their pricing.

When we’re wrong (and you tell us), we fix it.

We maintain values for more than 35,000 action figures today. Given market conditions and the fickle nature of collectors, the business of values is dynamic and somewhat subjective (see the section called “We make them up.”)

Every value in DASH has a Comment button next to it. If you think we’re too high or too low, please let us know. We have NO stake in whether the value is high or low frankly, and we’d love the help in keeping the values as accurate as possible.

How to use values

When you are buying.

It’s hard to tell if the item you are considering buying is reasonably priced. Some sellers have no clue. Sometimes that works out and you get a steal, but just knowing the price is reasonable helps give you the peace of mind when you are looking to scratch that gotta-buy-an-action-figure itch.

When you are selling.

We try to stick with the term “value” most of the time, but lots of people think of “price guide.” Setting the price for your items depends on lots of factors, including your own personal desire to sell.

But, having a comprehensive values guide helps you keep your relative pricing of your figures somewhat logical and effective.

When you are collecting.

By having a common collection management and values guide system, collectors can now have a dynamic and comprehensive collection valuation tool.

See the “DASH Collector's Club” upgraded membership options to access all of the action figure values and for some of the exciting and useful reports available for collectors.