Action Figure Checklists

Where can I find a good action figure checklist?

Checklists are a common tool for action figure collectors to know what they have. Action figure checklists also help collectors know what they need to collect to complete their collection. With more than 40,000 different action figures known to date spanning almost 1,000 brands, finding the best action figure checklist is a challenge.

Historically, books written by expert collectors have served as a printed checklist of sorts for collectors. However, since 2000, the number of printed books on action figures has declined substantially. Collectors can sometimes find web sites put up by fellow fan collectors, but oftentimes, these sites are incomplete and are not maintained diligently. Finally, some of the larger brands have fan sites with good checklists, but since many action figure collectors have an interest in multiple action figure brands, brand-specific sites do not cover their full need.

Using a checklist

In practice, most collectors have used checklists to learn what figures exist across different series. They have printed out the checklists, noting on it their current collection as well as the figures they are particularly interested in acquiring. In other words, a rudimentary collection management mechanism.

While familiar and sometimes convenient, a paper-based checklist is fraught with issues. The biggest issue is that printed checklists represent a point-in-time. In time, new figures are released and collectors need to keep up with them. Even if the brand doesn’t have new figures being released, investing time in recording your collection on a piece of paper leaves you vulnerable to losing the paper.

Collector-ActionFigures’ Catalog is conveniently structured by series, enabling the collector to effectively customize the scope of the checklist they are looking at. Being able to simply click “I’ve Got It” and “I Want It”, the Catalog serves the primary function of a traditional checklist, but because the Catalog is a living, dynamic source, as enhancements are made to the Catalog (new photos, figures, etc.), the collector’s “checklist” actually improves. Finally, the collector can get a printed report of their collection, and even better, DASH has cool mobile applications enabling a true “anywhere, anytime” access to the full Catalog and “checklist” functionality.