Updated Online Action Figure Price Guide

Where is an updated action figure values guide?

Action figure price guides help collectors estimate the value of their toys. Historically, expert collectors of specific brands of action figures have written books, which have included price estimates for various grades of action figures. With the advent of online marketplaces, the publication of these action figure price guides became less common. Given the dynamic nature of collectible pricing, online price guides have distinct and obvious advantages over other types of action figure price guides.

Collector-ActionFigures is the world’s largest online action figure price guide, with value ranges for 35,494 action figures (most with both packaged and loose value ranges). As part of the dynamic DASH collector community resource, collectors regularly provide feedback about the values for figures in DASH. This feedback is regularly reviewed by a panel of action figure experts who update the values. DASH has no vested interest in the actual value of the items, so the value ranges are set independently and objectively.

The value of an integrated price guide

Because the value ranges in DASH are integrated with collectors’ Collections and the DASH Marketplace, many benefits accrue to both collectors and sellers. First, the names of action figures tend to be often “open to interpretation.” With its unified Catalog and distinct DASH ID system, DASH removes the hassle and errors associated with matching up separate sources. Next, because the values are tied to the same system that manages many collector’s individual collections, the values can be compiled and aggregated, giving collectors are summary value for their entire collection. Since values change in time, this dynamic relationship keeps the collector’s collection updated automatically. Lastly, because keeping track of the value of so many items is very difficult, by being part of a vibrant collector community tool used by thousands of collectors, the accuracy of the values in DASH is more likely to be correct. This is important to both collectors and sellers, since both buyers and sellers rely on indirect estimations of the value of these items in making their own decisions. Buyers want prices to be low, and sellers want prices to be high, and by having an independent third-party in the middle helping organize the value estimates objectively, both buyers and sellers can trust the price guide is the most accurate available.