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Biglaharl's Collecting Story

I started collection action figures at a young age, be born in 1982 i fell now i was born in the prime of when toys became extremely popular. Some toys i collected were he-man, G.I.Joes, Transformers, TMNT, Muscle Men, Models and many others. I was different kind of kid, i felt having my toys package was much cooler than actually taking them out and playing with them. I also had an obsession with completing sets/series/genres or anything of that sort that ment id have em all. Collecting was a hobby my father and i shared, my brother was into comics, hot wheels and many sport collection cards. Slowly over the years i began to actually go out and seek what i felt was important to me to collect which became Transformers, Final Fantasy figures, GI Joes and some video game characters that i...

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