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Gooblyguy's Collecting Story

It all started with my buddy getting me "Rob Zombie" figure. Loved it...thought it was so cool.Displayed it proudly:)
Then he scored me "Spawn Bloodaxe"..... wicked cool }:)
Then Spider-man the movies came out. Being a Spidey fan I naturally got one of the figs. Had him hanging in the kitchen.
Then the search was on! I wanted more evil skull type figs (I love skull statues and busts, which is what I initially started to collect. So then I happened across the Spawn "Monsters". Frankenstein,Dracula, and The Mummy.
 Then the inner kid came out :D
Marvel Legends :D - Such awesome detail to my fav comic hero's. So many poses to put them in. Aaaaand now I'm hooked. I always laugh because my wife ( fiancee back then) was...

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