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i starting collecting toys when i was a kid with optimus prime as my first transformer givin to me by my grandma and loved it to the point to star collecting more,,then when my collection was just starting to get where i wanted it  a house fire in 1995 took away all my toys except for a power master prime which was the only one i was able to save ,but with smoke dammage ,,then my collection started growing after that but not to big  maybe a figure here a figure there but then when i meet my wife back in 1999 she pushed me into buying more because she knew how much i loved to collect  my favorite toys and now i have a huge collection of toys from all kinds of lines transformers ,g.i.joes,ninja turtles and more what is in my collection now here on dash is just a percentage of them .When the...

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unboxing #2 from collector dash

hey guy bought more goodies from dash!/groups/139758776130203/!/groups/mrprimestoybox/

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