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To me, the word "toys" has always been sort of synonymous with "action figures."  So, I can hardly remember NOT having action figures!  I'm lucky to say it, but I still have many, if not most, of the action figures I had as a child.  Classic guys like Big Jim, Johnny West (Best of the West), GI Joe (the original large scale figures), Mego action figures (World's Greatest Super Heroes, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, etc,).  They were all important to me, and they are still some of the most prized parts of my collection.
My favorite figures have varied over the years.  My latest hunts, though, have been the McFarlane Football figures.  Of course, with football season now ending, I'm sure that will soon change.  Hmmm... what next?
I have always...

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If collecting can be a sickness, I guess I've got it! X-Men, Action Jackson, DC, LOTR, Wrestling, Star Wars

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