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Well, i guess you could say that i start collecting as a kid. me and my brother always had lots of toys. he-man, gi joe, star wars, thundercats, transformers, all the good stuff from the 80's. unfortunately, most of those childhood memories were lost. once i became an adult(well, around 24 or so, never really have grown up) i started collecting dragonball Z figures. then once i saw how cool marvel legends were, it was game on. at first, i only got x-men characters from the legends line. soon enough i had all of them. then i was like, the avengers are pretty cool. then it just snowballed into what it is today. my main collection is marvel legends. i do have a few DCUC figures, just the green lanterns though. i have a couple star wars figures too. not many. my favorite character is Hulk....

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Incredible Hulk Collection Update

some new stuff i've picked up. this is my full hulk and hulk related collection of action figures and movies. i have a bunch of hulk comics too. showed them in a previous vid.

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