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Sdzero's Collecting Story

Hello, interested viewers! I'm SdZero, a cartoon, video game and comic junkie since 1985 (age 27) and welcome to my page. I've been a avid fan of anything with action in it, since I was a wii little lad. I grew up watching some of the 80's cartoon and a lot of 90's cartoons. If it has action, fighting, martial arts, super-powered stuff in it, then it's probably something I'm interested in. Video games have also had a great influence in my interest in interactive entertainment.

I'm also somewhat of an artist (a lazy one at that) and it fueled my interest in action figures. I've been seriously collecting them since 2000 and I've managed to collect more figures than my room can hold. So some figures must go and I hope to sell as many as I can. I tried my best to keep all...

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