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My story sounds cliche but also personal. Played with G.I.Joes and other 80s toys when I was a kid. I kept a majority of them when I got older, even have my original Flagg carrier. At that point, I was not into collecting that much. That changed one day at a flea market. I was looking around outside(it's where you find the best deals), and came across an older lady that was selling a ton of stuff. She had a huge box of her son's old toys laying out. Transformers, Joes, Thundercats, He-man, you name it. I would say 85% had all of the original weapons. I asked her how much, she said that I could have it all for $20. I thought to myself, I dunno what I am going to do with this stuff, but I loved it as a kid, so its worth that. Ever since then the bug got me,and I have expanded to collect...

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