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Snake eyes - Timber (Timber Alternate Portrait) (Sideshow Exclusive)

Snake eyes - Timber (Timber Alternate Portrait) (Sideshow Exclusive)
Military & Adventure / G.I. Joe / 12 Inch Figures / Sideshow Collectibles / Exclusive Figures
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Commando, Ninja...Silent Master. The enigma who came to be known as Snake-Eyes is one of the G.I. Joe Team's most valuable and deadly weapons. Without uttering a sound, while utilizing his extensive military background and training at the hands of the Arashikage Clan, the Silent Master has served Cobra many setbacks in their endeavor of worldwide terror. Before Snake-Eyes was recruited by the G.I. JOE team, he lived in isolation in a cabin located in the High Sierras, refining his skills while seeking solace from the tragedies in his past and the world which molded him. During this period of solitude he was befriended by a wild wolf that came to be known as Timber. Though never truly tamed in the conventional sense, Timber developed a sense of protectiveness toward his companion, as Snake-Eyes did toward him. When Snake-Eyes joined the JOE team in its global pursuit of the terrorist organization Cobra, Timber remained close at hand and served just as critical a role in vital missions as his companion. The two companions are a constant thorn in the plans of Cobra and through swift and deadly measures they continue to stand in Cobra's deadly path.
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