Ask Matty - May 1st

May 1st 2013

Fans of Mattel often have lots of questions regarding the lines and figures they love. We want you to have as much access as possible, so we've joined the Ask Matty brigade with a few questions of our own. 

You can see all the questions we asked and the sometimes-snappy answers from representatives of Mattel below.  

DASH: A lot of fans are thrilled to see the re-opened subscriptions. Is there any chance this could become a monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly offering?

Matty: No. We are opening them again in early Q2, but this will be the only other option for 2013. And we may not offer this for 2014. We can't make any confirmation on that right now.

DASH:The new clamshell protective cases are a great idea. Will we be seeing them in additional sizes (i.e., two-packs, oversized figure-specific sizes, Granamyr, etc.)?

Matty: At this time, no plans, but anything could happen!

DASH:The Injustice: Gods Among Figures look great. Any information about how deep into the game's roster Mattel will be going with the retail line? The game is selling well and has received lots of positive reviews; does that change future plans? 

Matty: The figures are planned far in advance of the reviews, so the recent reviews do not impact the figure roll out. There will be 4 awesome figures from the game – Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and The Joker.

DASH: I think everyone universally loved the MOTUC Director's Commentaries, but it's been a long time since we've seen one. Any new updates on when/if those might return? There are lots of great figures released that haven't been addressed yet.

Matty: From Toy Guru: "I really want to get back to these and I know I am behind. Basically it comes down to work hours and I am putting all my effort into ensuring high quality control and finding ways (if they exist) to lower shipping. Thing like this take the majority of my time. I'll try to get back to the blogs but not until I can hit and resolve all of the major issues with the line. That takes priority."

DASH: How many new figures can we expect to be revealed at SDCC this summer in each brand?

Matty: About the same as last year.

There are a few interesting nuggets of knowledge in the answers above. It seems the reopened subscriptions which just ended yesterday won't be making another appearance this year, but Mattel might follow the same pattern for 2014. That's a welcoming hope for unsure collectors that want to wait things out a bit.

It sounds like they won't be heading back to the character list for Injustice: Gods Among Us figures in the future, which is a real shame. The game is popular enough to warrant another look from Mattel, but they pretty definitively seem to be set on four total figures.

Toy Guru's dedication to improving his lines instead of offering tidbits of fan-service is certainly commendable. The concern over shipping costs has been monumental lately, and it's not being ignored by those with some control over the situation. That's some relief, but I feel like it's a losing battle. I'd probably rather see more director commentaries and interaction from the brand managers than the pouring of resources into a useless fight against shipping.

All in all, a good first swing for the Ask Matty fences! If you have a question you'd like to see in future editions, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

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