The Big Bang Theory at Toy Fair 2013 [NYTF 2013]

Feb. 14th 2013

The Big Bang Theory might not be loved by nerds everywhere, but it has more action figures sightings per episode than almost any other show. And now the four main characters have figures of their own, proudly on display for the first time at Toy Fair 2013.

Coming from the Bif Bang Pow booth at New York Toy Fair, there were loads of figures tucked into a tight few cabinets. But one little set of four figures caught my eye, the previously unseen Series 1 of the new 8-inch figures from the hit show including Raj, Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon.

After a recent episode where Raj and Howard spend time trying to recreate themselves in figure form, it's pretty appropriate to get a glimpse at this new line so soon after. No word yet on any characters outside the big four, but one would at least hope for a set of 'the girls' too. When it comes to sculpts, keep in mind that these are stylized 8-inch figures, not the hyper-realistic Hot Toys variety, so they aren't going to look perfect. I think everyone is passable except perhaps Howard, who just doesn't look like himself. But these still aren't out, so some tweaks could be made. 

But if you're a big fan of the show, there's no better way to immortalize your beloved characters than with a set of these figures from Bif Bang Pow due out later this year. 

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