Club Eternia Succeeds While Others Fail

Aug. 20th 2013

The results are finally in for the three pre-orders, and only one subscription has succeeded. Masters of the Universe Classics will be continuing through 2014, but Club Eternia and the 6-inch Ghostbusters are more or less dead. 

After a harrowing final day in which Mattel updated the subscription thermometers with lots of room to grow, a lot of fans thought all three pre-orders might be dead. In the morning of the final day, Club Eternia only had 84% of the requirement, Club Infinite Earths came in at 51%, while the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 struggled along without any indication of support. But then this image restored hope to He-Maniacs and She-Ravers the world over earlier today. 

It would seem Masters of the Universe collectors truly do have the power, and made up more than 30% of the total necessary subscriptions in the final day. This sudden jump will lead many to accuse Mattel of holding back the real numbers, but I'll abstain from commenting on any under-handed marketing tactics. The important thing to take away from this is that the Classics line will continue, and that's indisputably a good thing for its supporters.

DC Comics and Ghostbusters collectors weren't welcomed by such a positive image today. Although we're still waiting on the final word, all indications suggest that the Club Infinite Earths and the Ecto-1 subscription drives have failed. Late last night, Mattel updated their numbers at 58% for the DC line and 37% for Ghostbusters. Those hills were far too high to climb in the final hours, and Mattel will have to adjust their plans for those brands.

Despite all the drama and controversy, MattyCollector still seems to have something left in its tanks. The era of DC Universe Classics and its offspring might be ending, but He-Man will continue to keep Mattel's collector lines alive for at least one more year. 

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