First Look at Figma Indiana Jones

Oct. 28th 2013

Collectors who have been waiting for the perfect Indiana Jones figure in mid-sized scale can finally rest easy. There is a new Figma Indiana Jones on the way, and he sure looks incredible. 

Unless Hasbro decides to give Indiana Jones its own Black Series line, this may be the best Indiana Jones figure we ever get in more traditional collector scales. There have been below average 3 3/4-inch figures, and solid 12-inch releases, but nothing particularly exciting in between. Read all the poorly-translated details from MaxFactory and check out the first official images below.  

Information coming soon! figma Indiana Jones! !

Archeology professor hero through the movie "Indiana Jones" series. Fedora hat distinctive, leather jacket, Running of the Bulls whip are also reproduced well. Of this place accessories "handgun" and over that there is also a whip which I attached to the waist has become removable. The expression "Looking replacement part" over please enjoy. "Running of the Bulls whip" those in condition to have grown because it comes with and enjoy in various poses! In addition, because some are movable whip, putting the movement like see also enabled. Please try it over in various ways by all means. 

Such figma Indiana Jones is 4800 yen price including tax in, I plan to launch around March 2014!

Google Translate didn't exactly make the preview text from MaxFactory a compelling read, but you probably managed to grasp important pieces of information. In short, Indiana Jones looks awesome, comes with the biggest accessories from various films, and obviously includes his mandatory hat, whip, and pistol. The facial likeness isn't perfect, but it's clearly Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones days, and a solid effort for the scale.

The body is a shade too long and lean, as is the Figma style. The strong sculpted details and subtle textures thankfully make up for the proportions. As much articulation as this figure has, it's even easier to be forgiving for silhouette and proportion issues. I can only imagine how many great whip poses are possible with this stylish and poseable beauty of a figure. 

MaxFactory's take on Indiana Jones will make a lot of Indiana Jones collectors very happy, and might even catch the eye of more casual fans like me. Anyone looking for a great traditional action figure representation of this character has the perfect fit with this figure.   

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