New Images of Super Alloy Superman From Play Imaginative

Aug. 26th 2013

We already revealed the incredible Super Alloy Superman from Play Imaginative a few months ago, but the promising new company has released a bunch of new photos for a closer look at the impressive figure. 

Play Imaginative's Super Alloy line of DC Comics figures continues to expand. Batman is already out, Superman is right here, and Green Lantern, Flash, and others are on the way. It's a really fresh take on their classic designs, as the figures are made almost entirely of metal and look especially unique for it. You can see the latest shots and details for Super Allow Superman below.  

Super Alloy 1/6 Scale The New 52 Superman

The 1/6 Scale Super Alloy The New 52 Superman Collectible Figure, based on The New 52 comics, is fully articulated with interchangeable parts and accessories, and is made of more than 80% die-cast metal material.

Approx. Height: 12 inches (30 cm)

- Developed based on computer 3D model from DC Comics, ensuring accuracy of proportions.
- More than 80% die-cast metal material.
- Showroom gloss and matte metallic paints.
- One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman.
- One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman with heat vision eyes.
- Each head sculpt is individually hand-painted, with authentic, detailed and comic accurate facial features.
- Die-cast metal torso, arms and legs.
- Figurine with more than 25 points of articulation.
- Five (5) pairs of hands.
- Two (2) capes: with posable inner wire, and without wire for flowing cape effect.
- Red LED light in head with heat vision eyes (batteries included).
- Die-cast remote control to control LED light in head with heat vision eyes only (batteries included).
- Crystal Fortress base with lights and fan to simulate flowing cape (batteries included, not controlled by remote).
- Base stand with claw.
- Foldable backdrop.
- Tests performed ­- Oxidation, paint chipping, paint fading, electronic and battery tests.

I'm really starting to love the slick, almost armored look of these figures. Their sculpts are very angular and create a sort of alternate universe where a robotic Justice League of America runs the show. Superman retains his iconic look and stature here despite the controversial New 52 costume design, in large part thanks to the clean lines and accurate proportions of the sculpt. The head looks like Superman, the cape is plush and flowing, and the alternate head looks fierce and awesome. 

This isn't a cheap figure by any means, but  anyone who buys it will get an instantly unique and impressive collection. I think a set of Super Alloy DC Comics figures could become one of the most visually rewarding sets ever, and any fan who gets their hand on this fellow is one lucky collector.   

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