S.H. Figuarts at Toy Fair [NYTF 2014]

Feb. 15th 2014

The S.H. Figuarts line has taken over lots of collections in the last few years. Its diversity of brands and characters combined with high quality and super-articulation has made it one of the most popular lines in a very long time, and this year's Toy Fair reveals have introduced even more exciting figures.

Along with all of the "standard" S.H. Figuarts lines we've come to know and love like Dragon Ball Z and Power Rangers, there were also a number of "new" licenses and figures on display at Toy Fair this year. Likely the biggest reveal of them all was the introduction of Naruto into the S.H. Figuarts pantheon. 

Naruto might not have a lot of traction among the "typical" modern day adult collector, but it's an incredibly gigantic brand and this is the first real collector-oriented figure we've seen for it. The figure looks fantastic, and will undoubtedly be a big hit with fans of the character. 

It seems everyone and their brother has been producing Injustice figures, especially when you consider the relatively quick arrival and departure of the game on most people's radar. But that hasn't stopped Bandai from making what will likely be the best one yet. This Batman looks absolutely stunning, has unbelievable articulation, and might open up the floodgates for a wonderful Injustice line featuring loads of other characters. 

The S.H. Figuarts Predator and Alien figures might prove to be the most popular of them all to average collectors, despite fierce competition from NECA with both licenses. But it's hard to deny just how cool the above figures look, and all indications so far point to them being slightly better than NECA's admittedly amazing releases.  

This figure is a wonderful surprise and a great addition to S.H. Figuarts' increasing musical lineup. The Daft Punk figures were well-received with collectors, and this Michael Jackson one is sure to be even more thrilling. It's a great costume, the pose if perfect, and there isn't a single musician that better fits the world of action figures than Michael. 

We already got a glimpse of the new S.H. Figuarts Mario before Toy Fair, but we never could've imagined how cool this display would be. Mario combined with a load of accessory packs creates an incredible scene. Anyone with the space and funds to recreate a diorama like this will be one lucky collectors. Hopefully Bandai will be producing complementary characters to complete some of the character's most iconic levels and battles.

It doesn't get much better than the S.H. Figuarts line these days, and the figures on display at Toy Fair couldn't have gotten much cooler either. This year is going to be another good one for this line and any collectors who support it.  

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