The 10 Most Wanted League of Legends Figures

March 12th 2015

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world, and its varied fantasy-style champion characters would make spectacular action figures, but so far no one has produced any for adult collectors. 

With more than 100 different characters, it's difficult to select the 10 champions that most deserve creation as an action figure. But that's exactly what I've done. I don't care which manufacturer tackles the license, but League of Legends is long overdue for a serious action figure line designed for adult collectors. Keep in mind that these characters were selected on their merits as an action figure, not on effectiveness in the game or popularity within the community. I also stuck to classic designs, and may address alternate skins in a future article. 

The world needs League of Legends toys with intricate sculpts, thorough articulation, and loads of accessories, and these 10 figures should kick things off!

10. Yorick

There's something undeniably charming about hunchbacked undead warriors, and Yorick sure fits the part. His distinct stature, mangled shovel accessory, dangling lantern, and ghoul buddies would all translate perfectly into the world of action figures. I dare you to imagine a super detailed and articulated Yorick figure with three ghoul pack-ins and a giant shovel accessory without immeditately dying to get your hands on it. 

9. Rengar

I can only imagine the thrill of the hunt while trying to track down this figure. His incredible details, layered armor, and badass weapons would make for an unbelievably cool toy and everyone would take to the toy aisles to get one. I suspect his dreadlocks would be wired rubber and fully poseable (as would the tail), his eyes might glow, and he'd add a certain savagery to any display shelf.

8. Leona

Although Leona might have one of the most generic designs in the entire League of Legends roster, there's just something cool about totally badass classic female knights with an oversized sword and shield. Figures which are dwarfed by their accessories are loads of fun, and Leona fits that mold perfectly. She'd easily eclipse less regal female figures and her shiny armor would certainly glisten in the sunlight of any action figure room.    

7. Urgot

Urgot's monstrous design is ideal for the world of action figures. His gruesome skin would look fantastic with complex paint applications, the various technical elements would create some fantastic depth in the sculpt, and his spider-like legs would give him terrifyingly awesome play and display potential. I can also imagine great particle and energy effect accessories to liven up this poisonous beast. 

6. Volibear

This is an armored polar bear. What more reason do we need to create an action figure of Volibear? If League of Legends action figures are announced and he isn't in the first series, I will go into an absolute frenzy. Volibear would be a huge, beautifully sculpted, and daunting presence in any action figure collection. The potential for lightning accessory effects and glowing armor sections makes him even more exciting.   

5. Blitzcrank

Action figures with crazy proportions are always tons of fun, and Blitzcrank's tiny legs and humongous upper body would send collectors into overdrive. He might not have the most compelling color scheme, but the sheer size and unique silhouette would make him more than noticeable on any display shelf. A rocket firing fist would be an awesome action feature and his obvious mechanical joints would allow for lots of articulation without compromising the visuals.

4. Nautilus

Nautilus deserves an action figure for nothing more than his weapon. If the world never gets his giant anchor and chain in plastic, it will be a staggering blow to action figure collectors everywhere. Nautilus' giant frame and detailed armor would also trsnalate well into toy form. Bright glowing eyes would almost be mandatory, and help him stand out from the various Big Daddy figures that've been released throughout the years.   

3. Nami

Toy aisles need more good female action figures, and Nami could be the most incredible we've ever seen. Her armored mermaid design, stunningly beautiful weapon, and flowing hair would make the figure absolutely gorgeous. The subtle shades in her scales could be masterfully painted, and her tail would be a lot of fun to articulate well. If this figure were executed properly, Nami could become absolutely unfathomable and steal the show. 

2. Galio

Figures with wings are nothing new, but Galio's giant leathery wingspan would put them all to shame. This huge gargoyle would feature a rich and detailed sculpt, and his surprisingly-bright color scheme would look fantastic when translated onto plastic. Articulating his wings and tail are obvious, and getting his hunched posture and giant arms right would make him look ridiculously cool on any shelf. The inclusion of a flight stand and alternate head with energy blasts coming from his eyes would make Galio perfect in every way. 

1. Hecarim

The action figure industry is sorely lacking when it comes to centaur figures, and Hecarim would make up for decades of missed opportunities. This totally badass shadow of war would cause a rampage in the toy aisles immediately upon his release, among both Leage of Legends fans and anyone with eyes. The layered and textured armor would look amazing, the energy effects coming out of his body would be jaw-dropping, and the giant polearm accessory would complete the picture. Hecarim would not only be the coolest League of Legends action figure ever produced, he might just be the coolest toy ever produced.

I hope you've enjoyed my look into the 10 must-have figures in any future League of Legends action figure line. Somebody call NECA or The Four Horsemen or some great Japanese manufacturer and get these made! I'd love to know if you agree with my choices, and I might even tolerate some disagreeing banter in the comments too.

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