The 25 Worst Superhero Bootleg Figures

Feb. 8th 2017

Superhero action figures have been a hit in the toy aisles for decades, and villains around the world have been producing knock off bootleg versions since the beginning. I've gathered 25 of the most heroically terrible bootlegs the world has ever seen. 

If superhero action figures were all designed by Rob Liefield, this is what they would look like. In other words, now would be a great time to stop reading. These heroes are certainly not here to save the world.

I warned you that things were going to get bad. If you managed to make it through all 25 photos without lasers shooting from your eyes, you deserve sincere congratulations. I urge you not to pass this article on to other unsuspecting readers, because remember, with great bootlegs comes great responsibility. 

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