The Toy Fair Journey Day 2 [NYTF 2013]

Feb. 16th 2013

For action figure folks, Toy Fair is a different beast every day it's running. The journey certainly takes a few sharp turns from one day to the next. Day 0 and Day 1 each had their big moments, but Day 2 slows things down.

Once you're not worried about running around and finding every single new reveal on the first full day of Toy Fair, it's easier to take a step back and start taking things in. You begin to understand the spectacle and the wonder of it all when thousands of photos and new toys aren't clouding your perception. You realize there are people wearing suits tossing frisbees down aisles. You see grown men and women riding bicycles and wilder contraptions across the building. There are costumed individuals parading the throughfares. 

In a word, it's fun.

The action figure folks are really the stuffiest of the whole bunch. Action figures are relatively serious business compared to most of the industry's segments. Puzzles, stuffed animals, vehicles, and general toys are all a little more light-hearted and it shows when you're working your way through the crowd of booths. There are sights and sounds unlike anywhere else in the world. Colorful lights are flashing, all manner of things are whirring and gyrating, and it's pretty easy to experience a bit of sensory overload.

It would take weeks to experience everything Toy Fair has to offer, and the show only lasts four days. It's a shame on par with the fact that kids aren't even let through the doors! Between various meetings and time spent actually working, I barely had time to explore the show floor. And I'm upset about that fact too. It's the perfect excuse to become a kid once more and hurtle yourself into a world of excitement and magic unlike anywhere else in the world. Being able to see it firsthand but unable to experience it might just be worse than never seeing it at all. I feel like Toy Fair is the ultimate tease. 

Of course who am I to complain. Being able to work in such an incredibly entertaining industry is a great privilege, and i know it. If there were others there who weren't constantly considering that fact, they were doing Toy Fair and their fans a great disservice. I walked into that spectacle each morning with the full weight and responsibility of more than 20,000 readers on my back. I felt like it was my duty and responsibility to enjoy it for all those who couldn't do so first hand. And even right now I am acting on that responsibility by doing my best to convey the spectacle as best I can. 

So while Day 1 at Toy Fair might be full of unbridled excitement as an action figure collector, Day 2 is a time of contemplation and respect for the very event itself. 

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