DASH Rate Plans

Let's face it. Collectors love buying new action figures. Occasionally collectors need to sell a few items or in fact their entire collection too! DASH is out to revolutionize how this process is handled. Here are the highlights:

  • List Free.  Period.
  • Lots cheaper than Ebay.
  • Seller keeps Buyer's Premium on auctions.

Selling in the DASH Marketplace is incredibly simple thanks to the extensive DASH Catalog, mobile apps, and great community around DASH. The DASH Rate Plan for sellers is also set up to be incredibly simple!

  • Standard User Final Value Fee: 7.95%
  • PowerSeller Final Value Fee: 4.95%

With DASH, you pay only after you have sold your item. Final Value Fees are based on your total invoice amount, and the fees are significantly lower than Ebay or Amazon. What's more, sellers keep the Buyer's Premium assessed on auction listings.

If you are a dealer or have a good number of items to sell, contact us to see if you qualify for the PowerSeller Program. As a PowerSeller, you must meet certain criteria, but you will gain access to additional listing tools and get a reduction in your Final Value Fee.

With a simple listing process, no listing fees, and affordable sales fees, what are you waiting for? Register for free and start selling on DASH!