Meet ToyHutt

Q&A with Bob Breedlove

When and how did you first start selling action figures?

ToyHutt: “I was on the internet early. I owned & operated an internet cafe from 1996-2001. There, we cut our teeth on internet commerce by selling our older computer equipment on eBay. From there I started selling Comics, CGC Cards, and Vintage Electronics. I started selling action figures and other toy collectibles with a storefront on Amazon.

That was all from Anchorage, Alaska where I spent 17 great years. However, I’m basically a “West Virginia boy” at heart, and I knew I was going to retire back to my hometown of Charleston WV. That move precipitated my need to sell my MASSIVE collection of action figures (I started collecting when I was 13!). When I retired from Federal Service after 25 years, I decided to work on selling action figures full-time and I launched ToyHutt in April 2010 to compliment our Amazon storefront. See for more info :)”

What is your favorite character or figure?

ToyHutt: “Jango Fett - I love the beat up armor. This was the inspiration for “Jett,” our Mascot on Toy Hutt. We had a 10-year Marvel artist create a completely original “Space Hunter” for Toy Hutt (Patent Pending).“

What makes you a good person to buy figures from?

ToyHutt: “Well, first I’ve been a collector of action figures myself for decades. I’ve also actually bought a large part of my collection online for many years. I noticed it was “hit & miss” on condition of the collectible & how it was packed. Being in the days of “Drop Shipping”, I wanted to start a company that KNOWS what the buyer of collectibles online wants - Exactly what they ordered and packed to protect.

So every collectible we sell has what we call a “Zero Movement Policy.” Items we ship are never tossed in a box loose or crushed in a book mailer. We pride ourselves that all our items are always packed secure and safe. It takes a little longer for us in packing and shipping, but it’s what the collector wants.“

What are your favorite features of DASH?

ToyHutt: “DASH isn’t just another online marketplace for stuff. It’s full of info collectors need, and being able to track your collection and its value as well is great. Just fantastic! I think it’s really cool that, when ToyHutt sells a figure on DASH, it automatically moves from our inventory to that collector’s collection online. They even pick up our pictures. Smart!“

What advice would you have for new collectors?

ToyHutt: “Start with your favorite character and work on buying that character in as many different variations you can find. This makes a great, interesting collection!“