Action Figure Collection Management

How can I manage my action figure collection?

To manage a collection of action figures, collectors need to be able to identify and record a number of different criteria. A key component for proper action figure collection management is the inclusion of photos of the items. Recording this information from scratch is difficult and time-consuming. The different aspects of managing an action figure collection are discussed here.

With thousands of your hard-earned dollars in your action figure collection, you know you should keep track of it. Instead of pulling out a notebook and pencil or blank spreadsheet, Collector-ActionFigures makes it simple for you to know what you have and manage it on an on-going basis.

Which figures do you have?

There are at least 240 action figures of “Luke Skywalker.” It’s not good enough to know you have one. Which one? Some are worth thousands of dollars, and some will be hard to sell for more than a few dollars. And, anyone that is interested in your collection will want to know which one(s) you have. Therefore, the first step in managing your collection is to identify your action figures. To do that, you need as much info as you can get. What series? What year? Size? Variant? Photos?

What about them?

If you can identify your items, you should then record some information about them. Importantly, are they in the original packaging? What condition are they in? These things are crucially important to record.

Preserving the value of your collection

If you have a large collection, you should likely consider insuring your collection. The first thing an insurer will want to know is what do you have and what do you think it’s worth. If you can show proof of your ownership and a substantiated valuation estimate, you are likely to find it easier and cheaper to insure your collection.

Making best use of your managed collection

Once you have your collection under control, it is so much easier to do many things:

  • You can share your collection with others via the Web or social networks like Facebook
  • You can sell figures easier
  • You can keep your collection with you in your mobile phone, making it easier for you to update it anytime, anywhere