Value of My Action Figure Collection

How much is my action figure collection worth?

Determining the worth of an action figure is a common question for action figure collectors. In the good ole days, you could just buy an action figure price guide from the local bookstore. However, as action figure collectors have discovered, most of the printed price guides are no longer available or woefully out-of-date. The best ways to estimate the worth of an action figure are discussed.

When selling action figures, knowing how to value and price your figures is one of the toughest challenges. Doing this well depends on your accurate identification and description, as well as taking into consideration of knowing the general market value for that figure. Lastly, obviously, how motivated you are as a seller too matters - after all, the lower the price, the higher the likelihood that your figure will sell.

DASH again recommends that you review the Action Figure Grading and Valuation Guidelines. A common technique for valuation is to look up “Completed Listings” on eBay for similar action figures. To do this accurately, you need to be sure that the seller on eBay knew what they were doing when they sold their figure (since it’s easy to mess up an action figure description - packaged vs. loose, condition, etc.). You’ll need to manually sort this list of completed listings to discern per figure you are selling what like figures are selling for. An easier method is to use the Packaged and Loose Value Ranges in Collector-ActionFigures. These are just guidelines, but they are generally pretty accurate and because DASH actively solicits the feedback from the collecting community in maintaining these values, they represent the most useful compilation of specific action figure values available.

Uses of values

The most common use of an action figure price guide is to get a “spot check” on the value of a particular figure. This is useful for both buyers and sellers. However, given the plethora of different definitions, assumptions, and up-to-dateness of the different price guide sources, the user needs to really understand and be able to assess the values guidance against the source. For example, some sources will simply give a summary of eBay sales. This approach will greatly oversimplify the real question; for example, you can't compare the value of a MOC figure from a bad condition, loose figure.

With a values guide that spans across genre and brands, collectors finally have the opportunity to apply a common set of assumptions for the value of action figures across the multiple genre and brands of figures that are in their full collection. Even if a collector thinks the value ranges in Collector-ActionFigures are too high or too low, they can count on a common definition and bias when evaluating the value of their overall collection. Finally, because values of various figures change in time, DASH is a “living,” web site whose definitions of values also change frequently. As the market changes, DASH changes, and so do automatically do the value estimations of DASH collectors.

To access all of the values on DASH, join the “DASH Collector's Club”. The DASH Collector’s Club is an upgraded membership level giving you a number of extra features, including values, a monthly collection value report, your own collection showcase web site and more.