Star Wars Action Figures (or any other of the 700+ brands)

Where is a complete list of Star Wars action figures?

With almost 4,000 different collectible Star Wars action figures available, it is a challenge for collectors to find a complete checklist of Star Wars action figures. Additionally, unless the list is well organized by series, it is easy for collectors to be confused by the hundreds of figures named Obi Wan Kenobi! Getting a good list of Star Wars figures is only part of the challenge. How to best use an action figure checklist is also discussed.

Given the size of the Star Wars action figure universe, and the number of different figures for many of the characters, the best way to find the figures you are looking for is to identify the series that contains your figure. If you don’t already know this, one strategy is to search for the name of a lesser character (the more unique the name, the better). There may be several figures with that character’s name, but you will be able to see if any of the results look like they are from a series that is similar to the one that may contain your figure. You can click to see just that series, and you can then search for your figure’s name just within that series.

Finding a loose figure is particularly difficult. The DASH Catalog has more than 75,000 photos, and we encourage members to contribute to it. Having photos of the figures both packaged and loose is immensely useful for collectors. Likewise, other information such as the UPC, the figure height, and notes (like exclusives, accessories, etc.) really helps collectors be sure they know what they are looking at and for.

While you may just be hoping to look up a particular figure, you may decide that it's time to finally start tracking your collection. Once you register, you can click “I’ve Got It” or “I Want It” to start discovering how useful DASH can be for you. Once your collection is managed, you can easily list an item for sale. If you buy a figure from the DASH Marketplace, it will automatically be recorded in your collection. Sync your collection to your mobile phone. Get a report of your collection’s overall value. Be able to look up figure values from anywhere. Etc.