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Hi my fellow collectors;

What can I say about my collecting history? Let’s begin
with the simple stuff. I was born in 1980 and by the age of five I was already
in the ...

Hi my fellow collectors;

What can I say about my collecting history? Let’s begin
with the simple stuff. I was born in 1980 and by the age of five I was already
in the middle of the world of action figures. In those days there were already
lots of great lines that fuel my passion for collecting one figure at a time. Of
course by then I didn’t know this, I only wanted to enjoy this toys and do what
you can do best with an action figure, play with it. After all, that’s the main
purpose of an action figure, they were created to entertain kids. At the time I
played with Masters of The Universe, Thundercats, Transformers, GI Joes, Star
Wars and many other popular action figures from the 80s. Action figures were
always my top choice for Christmas and my Birthdays, I spent hours playing with
them. During the 90s I still had the love for this amazing plastic things. At
this point of my involvement with the action figures universe I started playing
more with the super heroes from the most popular comics like Spiderman, X-Men,
Batman and Superman, they were my favorites from the 90s especially the ones
made by Toy Biz. Then the inevitable happen, I grew up and by the mid-90s I was
already a teenager and started paying more attention to other stuffs like girls
for example. But deep inside that passion for action figures was waiting to
return, so I decided well I am a young man now and I can’t play with toys but
nobody said anything about collecting. If anyone saw me with this toys they
would ask, aren’t you a bit old for playing with toys? And my answer was simple,
I would say, I am a collector. Okay I admit it my true answers where that it
was a gift I was buying for someone. At this time I didn’t consider myself a serious
collector. I manage to build a small collection basically of Marvel figures
made by Toy Biz and some Kenner Star wars. But at the end of the 90s I had to nephews
and I ended giving all my action figures to them. I don’t regret my decision
after all they were kids and kids love action figures and as I mention before
this is the true nature of action figures, to be played with and entertain kids.
After this I dedicated my life to work and college, I spent my free time with
friends hanging out and I forgot completely about the feeling of having a brand
new action figure. But as always the passion was still there somewhere. Time
pass and I got married and had kids. One they by the year 2008, I went to a
local ToysRus to buy something for the kids and it happen. The kid that loved
action figures in the 80s awake inside of me and there they were sitting on
that shelf the first two brand new action figures that started my collection. I
could not resist and took them home whit me and this is how the fun began. Now
I consider myself a serious collector and I pay more attention to details like
the package, articulation, paintjobs etc. My favorite lines are Marvel Legends,
MOTU Classics, TMNT, Marvel Universe and….well I don’t have an all-time
favorite line. My collection is based on my childhood memories. I collect
figures that I had when I was a kid and use to play with them. Most of my
figures are improved versions of the ones I had. With every new figure I buy
there is a pre evaluation process of 4 guidelines before adding it to my
collection. First- did I like this toys as a kid, Second- am I a fan of this
character, Third- is it well sculpted does it have good articulation and
paintjob and Fourth- is it worth the price. This four basic rules are the ones
that I follow and it has work well for me. I like and enjoy every figure that I
have today and I fill great about my collection so far. But as you collectors
all know, the hunt is always on. And with all the figures that come out each
year I am sure that we will always have something to hunt. Thanks…collector for

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Jan. 2012

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