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One Saturday morning, I woke up before my parents and wandered into the living room to watch my Saturday morning cartoons. On the couch, waiting for me to discover them , were Mego action figure...

One Saturday morning, I woke up before my parents and wandered into the living room to watch my Saturday morning cartoons. On the couch, waiting for me to discover them , were Mego action figures of the Justice League. I still remember the excitement as I tore open the packaging and added them to my already growing collection. As the years went by, my Mego collection was forgotten for G.I. Joe which was set aside for Star Wars. Unfortunately, I grew up, or so I thought, and set aside the things most precious to me, my childhood. At the age of 13, my toys either went into the trash, a donation bin, or were forgotten about in the garage.

Being a nerd in high school wasn't cool like it is today. If you walked around high school with a Captain America t-shirt one thing was for certain; people were going to make fun of you, especially the closet nerds! In the end, my inner child prevailed and I embraced what I was; a comic book, anime lover, toy collecting nerd. And I am a happier person today. In fact, my wife is a toy collector as well as two of my children. My youngest child, who is actually 17, has taken after her father and has a huge toy and comic book collection herself.

I have spent my entire life either playing or collecting toys. People have asked me why I spend so much time and money on this hobby. I really don't have an answer for them because they will never understand.

My collection is a collection of memories. Each collection represents a particular time in my life. My Mego action figures remind me of that perfect Saturday morning when life was still magical. Our would had no boundaries and our imagination was without limits. My Mego collection represented a time in my life when my mom and dad were still married and we were a family. My comic and toy collection are in a way, my pictures to my past. I am excited each and every time I can add a toy to my collection I once had. In fact, as I hold that toy in my hands, I can usually remember the first time I ever held it. Was it a gift given to me on Christmas from my grandfather? Or was it a Star Wars action figure my grandma bought me for my birthday?

My collection is completely worthless monetarily. I will never sell it. My collection will pass to my children who know its true value. They know the stories behind certain toys. The newer toys have their own stories as well; but, these stories are filled with the smiles and laughter of my children. My Batman the Animated Series collection is a collection my son and I shared. We watch that cartoon over and over again as we both played with his figures. you noticed I said his? Mine are sealed! My Alien, Terminator, and Predator collection holds my memories of my daughter. She is a Sci-Fi geek and loves this genre. Her and I over the years have watched these movies over and over to the point we know each and every line. We continue to hunt for these action figures at swap meets, conventions, and garage sales. My G.I. Joe collection are the very fond memories of my wife and I, pre-children, visiting every Toys R Us and Target looking for the Hall of Fame and Classic collection. On the weekends, we would scour every location we could find for vintage Joes. It was a time, when we decided to jump in our car and red eye it from California to Washington D.C. for a G.I. Joe Convention. By the way, we did it in 56 hours.

I collect because in the end, I am still that six year old child waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons believing the world is magical. It reminds me that we are only as old as we feel. It reminds me that we don't have to give up our childhood or the things that are important to us. It reminds me that this is my life and I will live it the way I want. If I want ice cream for dinner, guess what, I will have ice cream for dinner. My collection is proof that the world is still magical and my imagination is without limit.

I uploaded some photos of my collection. It is sad to see these photos because we had to temporary store my collection throughout the house as we move rooms around. But I just wanted people to see part of the collection and the fact that many items are in box. I am working on trying to display my entire collection in one main room. As you can see from one photo, we have a movie room which is getting redone to be both a movie and my collection room. Hopefully we will have some updated photos of the project.

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Jan. 2014

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