Showcase Contest Finalists

We've spent days reviewing all of the amazing showcases on DASH. After countless hours of deliberation, we've finally selected the top three showcases in each category. Now we need your help to select the grand prize winners!

Review the finalists in each category, then click this button to pick your favorites. 





The Best Overall Showcase is awarded to the showcases that features the best combination of a compelling story, great photos, and awesome videos.

Grand Prize: NECA 1/4 Scale Batman ($100 Value), and a Custom Hardcover Photo-Book of Collection ($50 Value)

Previews of each showcase are included below, but please view each of the finalist's full showcases before voting. 



Cameragrrl's impressive collection of female figures will take your breath away!






With a giant collection of 1,439 items, cobra48103 had to film 5 videos to show it all off!






Glantern1992 has one of the biggest collections on DASH, and shared more than 200 amazing photos to prove it.







The Best Story is awarded to showcases that have stories which make us laugh, cry, remember, or love our action figures.

Grand Prize: Custom Hardcover Photo-Book of Collection ($50 Value), and a Gift Card ($50 Value)

Please read each of the finalist's full stories on their showcase before voting. 



Cameragrrl's collecting story offers wonderful insights into the life of a collector who happens to be a girl. 


I don't belong to any collector's groups (other than this one), and haven't met in person any other woman who collects figures. I know I'm not the only one, I've "met" them online, but I'm often greeted with astonishment when I bring a haul to the counter in stores, and the cashier assumes they're for the tall guy standing next to me, who assures them with amusement, "No, those are hers." And I was really annoyed when some kid behind the counter tried to tell me how to manage my hobby, when I've probably been collecting longer than he's been alive. *sigh* I suppose I could have made it a "teachable moment" and schooled him that not only do I know what I'm doing, but that women collect these things, too...




The nostalgia and emotions of collecting are powerful, and canoemtp captures them all in his beautiful collecting story. 


I collect because in the end, I am still that six year old child waking up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons believing the world is magical. It reminds me that we are only as old as we feel. It reminds me that we don't have to give up our childhood or the things that are important to us. It reminds me that this is my life and I will live it the way I want. If I want ice cream for dinner, guess what, I will have ice cream for dinner. My collection is proof that the world is still magical and my imagination is without limit...




There's nothing quite like an origin story, and jalexan tells a riveting one with which we can all identify. 


On the pegs dangled a GI Joe Crimson Guard Immortal action figure that I knew I had to rescue... after what felt like an eternity of begging, the Cobra elite trooper came home with us. That's the first action figure I remember getting... but this one seemed pivotal. The Crimson Guard Immortal was my choice. That action figure established my agency as a collector, not just some kid whose parents got him toys (though I was still very much that kid, too). I have no idea what happened to that action figure. I'm sure its O-ring broke, disintegrating the Crimson Guard and voiding that additional adjective, "Immortal." But out of its ashes, a lifetime of collecting was born that still continues...





The Best Video is awarded to showcases that include the most engaging videos, like a collection tour, a stop-motion animation, or a childhood home video.

Grand Prize: Custom Hardcover Photo-Book of Collection ($50 Value), and a Gift Card ($50 Value)

Please consider only the videos below when voting.  



Saadi10's video conveys the influence of action figures around the world with stunning imagery.  





Shockwave514's stop-motion animation brings action figures to life in an absolutely magical way. 





We love seeing amazing collections from awesome people, and no one is funnier than the charming and relatable venomraptor.






The Best Display is awarded to the showcases that have the most impressive, creative, or efficient displays. A basic shelf with a few dusty figures won't cut it!

Grand Prize: Custom Hardcover Photo-Book of Collection ($50 Value), and a Gift Card ($50 Value)

Please consider only the displays below when voting. 



This display doubles as a movie theater, making it quite possibly the coolest thing that has ever existed.





Not every display has to be a giant one. Sometimes it's about creative expression with perfect poses and an engaging presentation. That's exactly what kjhulk has provided with this spectacular display. 





Splitty's collection is eclectic and whimsical, and this gorgeous photo captures both her personality and her collection with equal grandeur.