John Wayne as an Army Special Forces Colonel (Olive variant)

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John Wayne as an Army Special Forces Colonel (Olive variant)
Military & Adventure / Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow Collectibles
Pkg. Type
Action Figure

Item Values

Packaged Value
$51 - $85
Un-Packaged Value
$35 - $35


John Wayne dressed as Colonel Mike Kirby from his film the Green Berets.

This version is dressed in olive drab.

Limited edition of 500

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Oct. 17th, 2012 5:26PM
John Wayne - Green Beret

What's good:

John Wayne!!! It doesn't look so good in photos but in real life this is an excellent head sculpt. The body is also to scale for John Wayne's size.
Decent copy of the first generation jungle uniform
Good copy of the beret
Good copy of the web belt and butt pouch

What you might want to upgrade (I have):
M16 - the model comes with the wrong generation of M16 - he should have the early 3 prong flash suppressor
Plastic pouches - they look wrong although they do at leats hae the correct straps and clips to fasten onto his webbing harness- replace them with good cloth versions also with the correct straps to clip to his webbing harness. The water bottle pouches are also plastic but they don't look as wrong as the ammo pouches
Jungle boots - he comes with plastic boots - decent copy - but replace with real canvas and proper laces

Do also add a kbar in a brown sheath

Do not add a handgun and holster - he doesn't use one in the film.