Freddy Krueger - Jason Voorhees (Special Edition) (2-Pack)

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Freddy Krueger - Jason Voorhees (Special Edition) (2-Pack)
Horror / Movie Maniacs / Series 1
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Fish Tank
Action Figure

Item Values

Packaged Value
$32 - $58
Un-Packaged Value
$23 - $23

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Nov. 6th, 2015 1:15PM
Look at yours CLOSELY!!!

Maybe it's my superior eyesight or uncanny attention to detail that spotted it...or maybe I'm just a really big geek, who bought this way back in 99' and had to resort to starring at it, for another 4 years, until New Line Cinema released Freddy vs Jason in 03'. Either way, I think we can all agree that, you did a helluva lot better...if you purchased the toy instead of a ticket to THAT piece of $#!%. Anyways, the point of my rambling is that, during all the starring I did at this thing...I spotted a pretty big "goof"...everywhere on the package Jason's last name is spelled "Voorhees" as it should be but if you take a closer look at the grave-marker by his's clearly mispelled (is reads "Vorhees"). Now, catching this little error lead me to do more research and along the way, here's what I learned...

A.) Almost every single person advertising this set...says it's **RARE**..."a rare set from 1999"...but NOT ONE of them actually states WHAT it is, thats so rare!

B.) After seeing NO mention of it, at all...I began to assume that, I was the dumb@$& and everyone else (but me) already knew. So I had to know, were they all like that? After "zooming" in on a dozen or more far as I can tell, YEP they ARE! Everyone of'em that I saw, was screwed up! Which brings us to...

3.) Are there ANY out there, that are spelled correctly? Because, from what I can tell...a variant with the correct spelling...would TRULY BE RARE!

...either way Mcfarlane has repeatedly set and reraised the bar for quality, detailed sculpts. Even with few "goofs" aside, they once again succeed in producing another nice piece for any collection.