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Lucidique: The Avenger
Horror / Clive Barker's Tortured Souls / 12 " Limited Edition / Collector's Club Exclusive / Extra Bloody
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Action Figure

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Gender: Female Race: Cenobite Significant Other(s): Scythe-Meister Status: Alive

The Avenger

Masters of the Universe Classics

November 2002 Collector's Club Exclusive Extra Bloody

The daughter of a Senator critical of the Perfetto Dynasty. She discovered Kreiger arranging her dead father's body on the dinner table, and she asked that he show her the city. Upon viewing the poverty of Primordium, Lucidique convinced Kreiger that killing the Emperor was necessary. At the West Gate of Primordium, Lucidique introduced Kreiger to Agonistes. Eight nights later, she awoke to discover that Kreiger, as the Scythe-Meister, had slaughtered the entire Perfetto Dynasty. She had been seen talking to the Scythe-Meister after the Great Insurrection so, out of fear, Cascarellian had his sons kidnap her. She convinced him to take her into the desert. She escaped Cascarellian, but was caught and stabbed in the heart by him. Agonistes remade her over the course of 8 days and 8 nights. When she emerged from the desert, she killed Cascarellian's sons and then castrated him and cut out his heart before returning to her father's house. At night she would go out into the back-alleys of Primordium and, one night, she was re-united with the Scythe-Meister. She slept with him and believed it felt taboo as they were "both Agonistes' children". When the Scythe-Meister wanted them to leave Primordium she persuaded him to stay and see how the events they began would end. She and the Scythe-Meister made love in her dead father's house. When he didn't return from picking her flowers in her garden, Lucidique went in search of the Scythe-Meister. She found that he had been attacked by Venal Anatomica who then hunted her. Lucidique hid up a tree she had climbed as a child, when Venal Anatomica tried to use the dying Scythe-Meister as bait she jumped down and slit his eyes. She took the Scythe-Meister's body out into the desert to look for Agonistes, hoping he could resurrect her lover. She never found him and after a week she buried his body and never strayed far from it. After forty-one years Lucidique returned to her father's house in Primordium. She killed randomly, her victims including the three Generals, and she went to see the Mongroid and Venal Anatomica. She somethimes thought about returning to the Scythe-Meisters grave and letting the sand bury her but decided she had to stay in Primordium. Lucidique felt she gained "a kind of immortality" from those who prayed to be kept safe from her.

Six Destinies Book Three: The Avenger

Real Name:Lucidique (Pronounced "loosid EEK")

Zarles Kreiger was human once. An assassin working for the gangster Duarf Cascarellian, Kreiger was a man who would do anything for a price. But there are some tasks that have an unforeseen price, and this proved to be one of them. Caught red-handed by the Senator's daughter, the exquisite Lucidique, Kreiger was persuaded that he in his turn had been a victim. The rulers of the city in which they all lived - the vast, degenerate city-state of Primordium - were the truly guilty souls; and until the dynasty was brought down life would continue to be a bloody confusion in which men like Kreiger acted like rabid animals and women like Lucidique lost their loved ones. It had to stop. And Lucidique knew how. She persuaded Kreiger to put himself into the hands of an ancient entity called Agonistes, who would traumatically reconfigure him.

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