Adventure Series Action Figures (1983-1984)

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Adventure Series Action Figures (1983-1984)
Family / Fisher-Price Adventure Series / Figures / Assortments
Fisher Price
Manuf. #
3 3/4"
Pkg. Type
Action Figure

Item Values

Packaged Value
$30 - $40
Un-Packaged Value
$12 - $15


Description: This is an assortment of individually packaged Adventure figures that were sold to retail stores for resale.

    * FX-Ray Man - Blue see-through man with blue hair. Individual model number is #381 X-Ray Man.
    * X-Ray Woman - Blue see-through woman with blue hair. Individual model number is #378 X-Ray Woman.
    * Clawtron - Black-bodied man with black helmet, robot claw-like silver hands and blue spots on his arms and legs.
    * Dune Buster - Man with a grey beard and moustache, used in #322 Dune Buster, except for the shirt color.
    * Astro Knight - Man wearing a blue (FPT1688) or yellow (FPT1687) used in #377 Astro Knight.
    * Frogman - Man wearing a blue divers suit, used in #323 Aero-Marine Search Team.
    * Space Commander - Man with white hair, bears, and moustache, individual part number is #374 Space Commander.
    * Highway Trooper - Police officer wearing a blue and white helmet, individual part number is #373 Highway Trooper.
    * Supersonic Pilot - Wears a red and yellow helmet with a tinted visor, part number is #372 Supersonic Pilot.
    * Opticon - This figure is an orange robot, Individual part number is #371 Opticon.
    * Alpha Pilot - He is a spaceman wearing a blue-grey spacesuit. Individual part number is #389 Alpha Pilot.
    * Brainoid - Spaceman wearing a blue-grey spacesuit. His right arm is orange. Part number is #390 Brainoid.

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