Talisac: The Surgeon Of The Sacred Heart

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Talisac: The Surgeon Of The Sacred Heart
Horror / Clive Barker's Tortured Souls / 12 " Limited Edition
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Action Figure

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Talisac (a.k.a Dr. Talisac, The Surgeon of the Sacred Heart). He is hanging from his face by six hooks, his upper left arm has flesh peeled back, but his most notable feature is the translucent womb where his genitals should be. Inside the womb, you can see something growing inside. This something is the Mongroid, the second coming. Talisac believes that the birth of Mongroid is the second "virgin birth". After Mongroid's birth however, Talisac was devoured by his child. Gender: Male Race: Cenobite Family: Mongroid (Son) Status: Deceased Dr Talisac was a scientist hired by Montefalco to create the perfect soldier. Monterfalco had him hidden in a secret laboratory beneath the Hospice of the Sacred Heart. "...hung by his mouth from a device whose purpose was beyond... comprehension, his mouth hooked up, as though he were a fish... he had created some kind of external womb for himself. A semi-translucent bag hung from the lower portion of his abdomen, down between his spidery legs". He hoped to give birth to a "perfect, vicious child... a hymn to the glories of testosterone". His maimed mouth meant he could not communicate well and his assistant, Camille, translated for him. "The dead were Talisac's raw material" and "he was an unenonomic consumer" taking only small pieces from each body. He felt that he had always been alone, "even in the company of his fellow human beings", and all he had were his failures and his ambition. Talisac spent years experimenting on himself and others. He told Bogoto he got himself pregnant through science. He promised to build them a fiend to rid Primordium of monsters if they promised to leave his child alone. He also asked that General Montefalco come alone on his next visit. Greta predicted that Talisac's actions would cause harm to the world. He created Venal Anatomica for the Generals but it had no loyalty to him. Having made himself pregnant he came to believe that there was something holy about his child as "it was another Virgin Birth". Talisac hoped to produce something praiseworthy so that Montefalco would fund him for "further, more ambitious researches" but was disappointed when he gave birth to the Mongroid. He aimed to subdue and vivisect it to learn from his errors before trying again. However, the Mongroid killed and devoured Talisac shortly after its birth. ***Each of the figure includes a chapter of the 32-page novelette, written by Barker.

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