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Queen Topaz
Comic Book & Superheroes / Ultraforce / Ultra 5000
Figure #
Action Figure

Item Values

Packaged Value
$4 - $4
Un-Packaged Value
$18 - $20


 Only 504 produced The Queen Topaz figure is the most desirable of the '504' set of figures.. Very low number for a major toy company like Galoob. Result of toy line being cancelled after a small number of this series release had been already been manufactored

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July 16th, 2017 3:34PM
Ultraforce 504 series versus 5000 series

Galoob had 'chase figures' included in their Ultraforce action figure line. They came on a black card and only 5000 were produced of each figure. When the Ultraforce Action Figure series was being ended there were five new '5000' series figures in the production pipeline. Only 504 figures, NOT 5000, were produced of this new series that included Queen Topaz (on Card #19). The '504' figures also come on the black card but are different figures and much more limited. For example the '5000' Topaz is blue while the '504' QUEEn Topaz is light skinned. There are other differences too.
These five figures became known as the '504' series. Currently they sell for $100-200 each online if they are available at all.
The pricing here is for the '5000' series chase figures, not the '504' figures.

April 12th, 2013 11:11PM
Ultraforce 504 figures

Galoob released a series of Ultraforce action figures and accessories based on the comic book back in 1995.
The last series in production became known as the '504' series because only 504 figures were made of each of the five characters in production.
They all originally were going to be limited edition black carded figures (5000 each) but production was halted. Due to contract obligations 504 were made of each character, making it one of the lowest production releases ever from a major toy manufacturer.
Galoob did not release this set to retailers. Galoob employees received boxes of these figures. This information was obtained from a Galoob toy designer.
The five figures that are in the '504' release were
Queen Topaz (white rather than blue skin plus comes with cape).
Solar Protoype - Red & chrome colors. The only black carded Prototype that was made.
Radiation Hardcase - Yellow & black outfit.
Desert Heat Nightman - Camouflage outfit.
Blue Steel NM-E - Villain with new slick paint job.
The Queen Topaz is the most desired of the set but all of them are equally rare and a fine addition for serious collectors.