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Kilowog (Build-A-Figure)
Comic Book & Superheroes / DC / Mattel / DC Universe / Classics / Basic Figures / Wave 11 - Kilowog Wave
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9 1/2"
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$50 - $85


Wave Eleven - Kilowog (November 2009). Dipping back into the deep well of characters available in the Green Lantern mythos, Mattel expands upon the team they began building in the third wave. Also seen in the eleventh wave of the line is the winner of the 2008 ToyFare poll and another character that works to complete the Super Powers lineup.
A build-a-figure is an action figure who can be assembled by purchasing other action figures, each of whom comes with a piece of the BAF's body. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Kilowog.  Wave 11 included the following figures with respective build-a-figure pieces: Ocean Warrior Aquaman (Upper/Middle Torso); Katma Tui (Upper/Middle Torso); The Shark (Right Leg); Deadman (Right Arm);
Cyborg Superman (Head/Lower Torso); The Question (Left Leg); John Stewart (Left Arm);
Steppenwolf (Figure Stand).
Kilowog is a fictional superhero from DC Comics, and a member of the Green Lantern Corps.  A towering alien with a brutish and porcine appearance, Kilowog is renowned throughout the Green Lantern Corps as the primary trainer of the Corps' newest recruits. The Guardians of the Universe recruited Kilowog, a gifted genetic scientist, from the planet Bolovax Vik, located in Space Sector 674. Kilowog was trained by Lantern Ermey, who would often use the word "Poozer", which meant "useless rookies" (A word Kilowog would later adopt, albeit in a friendlier way). In the middle of a particularly arduous training regiment, Ermey had Kilowog and his fellow rookies help stop an attack on a group of Lanterns, one of whom was the future renegade Sinestro. Ermey, fatally wounded in battle, commended Kilowog on his abilities, telling him that he had the makings of a great leader.

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June 28th, 2011 3:26AM
#23 DCU Classics Review - Wave 11 (Part 7) - Kilowog
50th subscriber review(s). This is Part 7 of 8 of the DC Universe Classics Wave 11 reviews. Part 7 is Kilowog. Thank you to all my subscribers!